SQLite Database Disk Image Is Malformed: Fix It Successfully

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Corruption has always been one of the biggest obstructions in between of the work. However, you cannot prevent it by any means. Similarly, users of SQLite database face multiple errors due to this corruption. One of the frequent issue is SQLite database disk image is malformed. In case, you are accessing your SQLite database more often, then the chances of the SQLite data to get corrupted are huge. The main reason behind this issue is the bugs within the database and hardware failure. Once get damaged, it is not as easy as it seems to be to fix this issue. Considering this, we have come up with this blog. Here, we will not only enlighten users about the method to rectify SQLite database disk image is malformed. But, the reasons behind the occurrence of this issue.

Different Causes for SQLite Disk Image is Malformed

SQLite is basically a highly reliable, embedded, and self-contained, SQL database engine. SQLite is not a only client-server database and comes into the category of a widely used platforms. One of the chief factors behind its such popularity is that is used by various browsers, embedded systems, OS, and other applications. With the enhancement in this digital world, the demand for database has increased in a huge way. A proper database allows users to save the information as well as data in an organized manner. However, due to some mistakes, this database can be corrupted. Some of the reasons behind this are mentioned below:

  • Creating the backup of the same database, that is in use can lead to this corruption
  • Damaged in the SQLite files results in the corruption of entire database and creates a problematic situation for users.
  • In case, a user try to open a non-SQLite file in the SQLite database, then most probably this error occurs.
  • As the matter of fact, that SQLite is an ordinary disk file. Then, any process can open it without any issue and overwrite it with the junk characters. This results in the unnecessary modifications in the database.
  • Frequent use of the SQLite database results to huge amount of data that can increase the size more than the limit. Consequently, this result in SQLite Disk Image is Malformed
  • Most of the applications consist of some internal bugs. Even the SQLite database programs have some minor bugs that may result in the error code.
  • Another reason is the failure in disk drive/ flash memory. It can happen into the content of the file and result in corruption. Moreover, in such situation, it becomes tough to resolve this issue.
  • There are some in-built utilities, which are designed for data protections. However, at times these protections are not enabled because of configuration options. Subsequently, the error occurs in SQLite.

Method to Rectify SQLite Database Disk Image is Malformed

Now, to prevent the corruption loss and to get the data back in healthy state, it is mandatory to take the backup. A recent backup will always help you to restore the database in case of emergency. Moreover, to repair the damaged or unhealthy SQLite database, hyou can follows these steps as mentioned below:

  • Firstly, open the database Browser for SQLite
  • In the next step, run database check command. For this, hit on the tab of Execute SQL
  • Now, you need to type in PRAGMA integrity check & hit on play. If the SQLite database is damaged, then the same error will appear. However, if the SQLite have no such issue then you will see “Query executed successfully: PRAGMA integrity_check (tool 0ms).”
  • You can even export the database into SQL. For this, you need to click on File and then on Export>>Database to SQL file…
  • Then, choose objects you wish to migrate on the dialog box of Export SQL… Apart from this, define some other options too.
  • After this, hit on OK button to begin the process of export
  • As soon as the database is moved successfully, import it back to SQLite browser. For this perform these few simple clicks: Click on File>>Import>>Database from SQL file…

Finally, with this step, you can repair the SQLite database and can simply open it.

If the problem is still the same, then you have to use a third party tool. Now, the question is how to choose a perfect utility among all the other tools that are available in the online market. Sqlite Recovery is one of the trustworthy and popular software among different organisations. It has the ability to repair as well as export corrupt .db SQLite file without any issues. Apart from this, it does not have file size restrictions and keeps the data safe throughout the whole procedure.

Sum It Up

In the above blog, we have learned about SQLite database disk image is malformed, this error. Sometimes it becomes very tough to resolve this issue form SQLite and the reason behind this is unawareness about the root cause behind the error code. Therefore, along with the manual workaround, we have also discussed a third party tool. Users can pick any of these methods and accomplish their task.

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