Discover How to Recover Sqlite Database With Effective Results

admin | June 20th, 2015 | General

In my last blog we discussed about Mac Forensics, so this time we thought to pick up an important topic of Sqlite Recovery. Sqlite databases have simplified the functioning of a lot of things, databases, computer based applications, browsers, mobile applications, etc. However, what complicates it is its corruption. These databases are used by a number of applications and programs for storing a variety of contents therefore they are easily accessible by any DB browser without security restrictions. But the database is also not that easily corruptible, owing to the same fact it is used by smartphones too. However, once corruption surfaces it is also difficult to recover the data back in the exact form completely. Here we will highlight some of the possible workarounds applicable in situations of Sqlite database corruption.

Stages of Recovering Sqlite Database

A database won’t just prompt you that it suddenly got corrupted, but it is only while working with it that you will find about its integral state. The best thing to do is alternatively keep a check on the integrity of database so as to be prepared for the consequences.

You can examine the integral state of Sqlite database by using pragma integrity check on it and ensure whether it is in a stable or corrupted condition, to proceed accordingly. Pragma integrity check processes the selected database on Sqlite command line interface.

If the result is OK, no further processing of the database is required to be done.

Meanwhile, if an error is received for instance; ‘the database is encrypted or is not a database’ then it is for sure that the database integrity is lost.

In this case, there are practically two ways to resolve the issue:

  1. First, dumping the data into an SQL database which is not exactly a repair process.
  2. Second, restoring the database through backup which is a reliable option to go for.

Dumping works only on the basis of the level of corruption that has affected a database. Also, only a certain portion of the database is recoverable, if possible in any case, that too via recreation of dumped schema and contents.

Therefore, to be able to know how to recover Sqlite database with assurance of successful results, one must go for a commercial utility like Sqlite Database Recovery.

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