Know How to Corrupt an Sqlite Database File

admin | June 26th, 2015 | General

In our last blog we discussed about Sqlite Error and Warning Logs, so this time we will move forward with Procedure to corrupt Sqlite Database. Sqlite database are for their insusceptible nature towards corruption. When executing any sort of transaction at database level, if there is any sort of power failure or Operating System crash, the transactions that are partially written to the database are automatically rolled back. Here, the recovery process is self-regulating and a user does not require intervening or managing any of its process.

Even though we have described the Sqlite database as impervious to corruption, it must be clearly remembered that Sqlite is liable to corruption. Here, we are going to discuss the various scenarios wherein we can make a Sqlite database corrupted.

Hot Journal Deletion: It is commonly known to all users that Sqlite uses of a single large file to store all its data. However, whenever there is a failure the data essential for transaction rollback is stored in the auxiliary journal files. These files have exactly the same name as the original database except they have a suffix of wal or journal.

Now, the Sqlite must oversee the management of journal files for recovering the database from any kind of power failure or Operating System crash. Suppose the journal files are deleted or moved to some other location, then the Sqlite database would be incapable of performing recovery process and hence database will become corrupted.

Memory Corruption:

When the database file is mapped into the application address, a stray pointer that overwrites the mapped space can make the database immediately corrupted. This normally happens when memory mappings I/O is employed.

Errors in Sqlite:

Although Sqlite has been tested at all levels to make it bug free but one cannot say that a software can be 100% efficient .Few bugs have been reported in the designing of Sqlite that made the database corrupted. However, all those bugs have been resolved as of now.


The scenarios that have been discussed above give us an idea about how Sqlite database can be corrupted. However, to be very frank such type of circumstances happens in rare conditions. If your Sqlite database is corrupted because of any reason then you can recover your database with the help of Sqlite Database Recovery utility.


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