Know How To Perform Sqlite Database Recovery

admin | July 28th, 2015 | General

Sqlite is a simple, light weight Relational database management program that is completely developed in C language. It is a self-contained, open source DBMS which possess the ACID properties of database management system.It is free from client server structure of the database.

What makes Sqlite different?

The features that make Sqlite stand out from other DBMS are its speed, functionality and security. Sqlite will performs 2-3 times faster than other databases. It has no socket or TCP/IP overhead. Similar to other databases Sqlite also have triggers, views, transactions, etc. Sqlite can store upto 2 TB of data. Sqlite allows each user to have an independent database. Sqlite interfaced with PHP works faster than any other databases.

Situation Suitable For Sqlite to Perform Well

Certain situations where Sqlite is appropriate includes embedded systems, i.e. watches, cameras, automobiles, tools, sensors, etc. Sqlite finds it’s wide range of applications on Internet.

Many of the websites uses Sqlite at the back end. It reduces the traffic over the network to an extent.
Data analysis is another area where Sqlite can be used.For example: Compilation of programming metrics. Even Bioinformatics researchers are using Sqlite for their data analysis.

Sqlite is used in education and training areas due to its simplicity in setup and installation.Sqlite is used as server side database also.

Some of the well-known users of Sqlite are Mozilla Firefox, Apple, Airbus, Google, Thunderbird, etc. Many of the Android devices uses Sqlite databases.

Corruption in Sqlite Database

Sqlite database is resistant to all types of corruption to an extent, but there are occasions where the database files get corrupted. Some of them are

  • Trying to access the file descriptor after the file has been closed.
  • Failure in synchronizing the transaction can cause corruption.
  • Operating system failure or virus/ malware intrusion.
  • Renaming a file while in use or missing locks or improper locks.
  • Memory corruption also affects the files.

Recovering Sqlite Files

If the repeated closing of the database occurs or prompting of messages takes place, then we can confirm that files are corrupted. How to recover the corrupted files? The Sqlite automatically detects and recovers corruptions to a limit. Further recovering can be done using “pragma integrity_check” command. This will check for the integrity of the database and repairs the files. Another possible solution is to restore from the backup.

Sqlite Database Recovery Software is a third party tool to recover the Sqlite files with any level of corruption. This is compatible with all versions of Windows and recovers files upto 1.5 TB. I recommend you to try this tool for your corrupted Sqlite database.

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